Trailmaster Mid XRS

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RED, BLUE, AND BLACK IN STOCK. Mid-Size Kart (7-14 yr old). Pull Start. No Reverse

This kart is forward only, no reverse.  No electric start.  No battery, lights, or horn.  Old school kart with new school performance and safety.

You simply cannot beat a TrailMaster kart! They have been around for many many years and are tried and true! One of the biggest issues parents have when buying a go kart is debating what size will fit their child best....we have many models set up side by side at our store to make it easy to compare the different models to see what will work best for your family! Come on out and see why we are the best!

Included with your Kart purchase is:
1. A Fully Assembled Kart with a Full Tank of Premium Gas (READY TO RIDE!)
2. Battery Tender/Maintainer (Where Applicable, $29.99 value)
3. StarTron Fuel Additive ($3.95 value)
4. NGK Spark Plug Installed ($3.95 value)
5. Shipping Oil Replaced with 10w40 Break-In Oil

Trailmaster Parts Warranty for Manufacturer Defects:
Frame & Engine (Internal): 1 year
Carburetor, Muffler, A-Arm, Struts, Axles, and Electronics: 90 days
Battery, Speedometer, Tires and Wheels, Brakes, Clutch, Chain, and Cables: 30 days

***While Trailmaster does not provide a labor warranty, Mooney Motorsports does provide a 90 day labor warranty for manufacturer defects on karts that are purchased from us.

There's nothing better for beginners than this TrailMaster MID XRS. This isn't because the go-kart is more simplistic in its speed or design, but largely due to the fact it requires very little maintenance from the rider. Simply fuel up and get ready to enjoy yourself.

The TrailMaster MID XRS has a strong and durable frame which really helps it compete with some of the tougher terrains out there. You'll be able to navigate through everything from brush to loose gravel, which will always keep your trail choices open.

This model is designed to let you go up to 31 MPH and has a climb range of 12 degrees, which is perfect for most trails. The simple design will also give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to navigation as you'll be able to turn easier while still protecting you from overhead brush.

The beauty of this go-kart is certainly in its design thanks to the four stroke engine and automatic CVT. The go-kart features a manual pull start which is slightly different from TrailMaster's other models, but still an efficient and convenient way to go. This model also features a double oil damped shock and hydraulic brakes which will make the ride smoother and safer for all.